Jadwal Training LPAI January 2010

Training/Seminar/Course for Internal Auditor & Fraud Auditor – January 2010
05-06 How to Detect Creative Accounting & Fraud in Financial Report
05-07 Audit Excellence
05-07 Fraud Auditing in Financial Institution
07-08 *Implementing Effective Internal Control
07-08 Best Practices in Fraud Auditing
11-12 Modern Framework of Internal Auditing
11-12 *Managing Internal Audit Department
11-12 Purchasing Fraud: Prevention, Detection and Solution
11-12 Fraud Prevention & Detection for Non Auditor
11-13 *Process Flow Auditing
13-14 Corporate Governance: Strategies for Internal Audit
13-15 Basic Audit Techniques and Tools for the New Auditors
13-15 Auditing Business Processes
13-15 Quality Assurance for Internal Audit Department
13-15 Fraud Examination 1: Introduction to Fraud Examination
13-15 Essentials of Finance & Operation Risk Management
19-20 Best Practices in Internal Auditing
19-20 Financial Analysis for Internal Auditor
19-20 Business Fraud Prevention Manual-ACFE Model
19-21 Performance Audit
19-21 Control Self Assessment (CSA)
19-21 Fraud Examination 3: Communicating the Results
19-21 Financial Risk Management
21-22 Evaluating Internal Controls: COSO-based Application
21-22 Auditing the Manufacturing Process
21-22 *How to Audit Fraud Using ACL
25-26 *Auditing the HR Function
27-28 Leadership Skills for Internal Auditors
27-28 *Auditing the Risk Management Process
27-28 Money Laundering: A Guide for Criminal Investigators
29 Communication Skills for Internal Auditors

Lembaga Pengembangan Auditor Internal [LPAI]
T. [021] 52892279
F. [021] 5207195
email: lpai.indonesia@gmail .com
Web : www.lpauditorinternal.org

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